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Faith in God Includes Faith in Timing

The world of infertility is and can be stressful. I want to be make sure this journey is as smooth as possible. I understand the trials and tribulations of what you may be going through, which has led me to start my own consulting business. DFWGC was founded in 2006.


I have worked in the OB/Gyn Reproductive Endocrinology industry since 1991. Through the years, I have had the honor of carrying three gestational carrier pregnancies. 


Bridging the gap between patients and physicians is a passion of mine. Being in this business for 20+ years, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with exceptional doctors who go above and beyond. This has allowed me to bring people and professionals together (doctors and legal staff), who will be caring and attentive to your specific needs.


The relationship between an intended parent and a gestational carrier is dear to my heart. I am proud and humbled to say that I have developed bonds with couples and gestational carriers that I have helped over the years through my agency. 

Lisa Willis

Houston area Consulting Liaison

Phone 979-533-3825


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Gayla Wilson

Phone 214-226-4969


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Let me start by saying this: Growing up I knew one thing…I did not want any children. There is not a particular reason other than I was selfish and I wanted to be able to live my life and not have to worry about anyone but myself. But God had other plans, as He usually does, and He blessed me with a beautiful, healthy daughter. At that moment in time is when I realized, fully realized, the love of a child and all that does to change you as a person.

It was after this that I decided that I wanted to give other families the opportunity to experience the love of a child and the bond of parenthood. I reached out to an agency called DFW Gestational Carriers and after a lot of thought and prayer, I started the process of my first surrogacy in July of 2012. The parents’ reaction and appreciation to their beautiful, brand new babies made the entire process more than worth it and put a sense of purpose in my heart. That purpose was to help as many families as I could experience family and the gift of life. I became an advocate for surrogacy and helping families achieve their goals.



My next surrogacy was in 2015 and I carried a set of fraternal twins to term and other than having to have a c-section, there were no other complications. Again, I was filled with a sense of purpose and love. I felt so blessed to be able to help other families. So I made the decision to carry a 3rd time and met yet another amazing family.

I decided to go ahead and start the surrogacy process again in 2017. I became pregnant with twins. This pregnancy was not like any of my other ones. I had complications from the beginning, such as a hemorrhage in my uterus that caused me to bleed, heavily at times. These complications only worsened as the pregnancy progressed. I started to doubt myself and was filled with regret at my decision to have another surrogacy. But these babies were meant to bless this family. Throughout this entire situation God’s unfailing strength helped me carry these babies and deliver them healthy, small but mighty. Looking back I realize that everything fell exactly into place and God had a plan the whole time.

Now that I am unable to physically carry another child, I am so excited to be able to join this team and help bring joy to families who are unable to conceive on their own. Gayla was by my side throughout all of my pregnancies, she made sure I had everything I needed and was always available for advice or encouragement. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her and feel so blessed to still be able to continue helping families realize their dreams.

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