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Gestational Carriers

A few reasons women want to be gestational carriers. If you agree I would LOVE to speak to you and match you with a much deserving intended parent.

  • To help a couple achieving the GIFT OF LIFE

  • Enjoy being pregnant

  • Empathy for couples struggling with infertility

  • To supplement family income

Some minimal qualifications:

  • Age 21-45

  • Delivered at least one full term pregnancy

  • Have a network of family and/or friends support

The compensation for a gestational carrier is negotiable however typically a first time gestational carrier can receive between 40,000+ and an experienced gestational carrier $45,000+. There are many facets detailed in a gestational agreement. Such as:

  • Start of medication and embryo transfer fee

  • Monthly expenses allowance

  • Maternity clothes allowance

  • Carrying multiples (twins)

  • If you need a cesarean section

  • Lost wages in the event of bed-rest

These are a list of a few things that are detailed out in the agreement. We will review the amounts upon inquiry and/or application received. 

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